Monday, January 16, 2006

Ok. so here it is.....

At long last, THE NEW BLOG!!!!!

Yay yay yay.....go have a look.


(pretty please)

(cherry on top)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

New Blog Probs

OK OK. So here I was on Friday getting all 'yippee' about setting up this new blog.
It had its inaugural post and all.

There seems to be a slight issue with it.

It won't let me post. 'Is all fucked up.

Y'see, it lets me log in. then, on the dashboard page, in the little toolbox where yo u click on what you'd like to do, (post, settings etc), well that part isn't there.

Basically, it's letting me log in, but nothing more than that.

Does anyone know why?


........Ok, so I'm cranky and this is really starting to shit me now....I've even requested all my account info off blogger, but, are they sending it to me? NO! Does this stop my crankyness and irratability from ever increasing? NO! So, therefore, blogger is fucked and sre they doing much to help out? NO!

Blogger.......Just let me in, for fuck's sake.

*****Ok. So, here is what I have managed to somehow do.....As, you can see, I changed te template on this blog.
That, my freinds, should tell you one thing......

I do think this looks betterer though than that other old thing. Hmmmmm.

Oh well.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Thats right, I have a NEW BLOG.

I will not be continuing this blog.....please go to my new, (hopefully) improved blog.

To all those who visited here regularly, and even bookmarked this blog on your blogs, I cannot thank you enough. I hope you'll follow me over and support me over at as well as you have here.

That link again......
the life and times of mini-vinnie-me

Friday, January 13, 2006


Thats right, I have a NEW BLOG.

I will not be continuing this blog.....please go to 'over here' for my new , improved BLOG

To all those who visited here regularly, and even bookmarked this blog on their blogs, I cannot thank you enough. I hope you'll follow me over and support me over at the new one as well as you have here.

  • Here it is again.....the life and time of Mini-Vinnie-Me
  • Thought I had it bad.....

    with spiders. See my old post about that
  • Here

  • This poor bugger here had a bit more trouble than I did, he broke his leg in an arachnid killing spree.
  • Courtesy THE AGE

  • While your at The Age, this look at Victoria is awesome.
  • The AGE best pics of Victoria '05

  • Oh, and say "Hi" to mah Babies too.....
  • Mah Babies

  • Right now though, I'm just killin this blog. Why? Cos I'm as bored as batshit with it and I need to do something with it. But, seeing as how I have NO IDEA about what I'm dooing, I'm more than likely to need to transfer everything over to a new template before the evening has passed.

    Ahhh. let's see how goes it eh.

    Thursday, January 12, 2006

    Darfur: the conflict in Crayon

    Australian Human Rights researcher, Dr. Annie Sparrow has been working in the Darfur region in Sudan, documenting sexual violence against women.

    While she has been there, she has gotten the children of women she speaks to to draw, just by giving them crayons and a scrapbook.
    The resultant drawings, and more relevantly, the tales the children tell about the drawings, well, are just heartbreaking. If this is not yet another reason to stop ALL wars, then I don't know what is. Take a look at them for yourselves.
  • Darfur: the conflict in Crayons

  • (From The Age, Melbourne)

    There is also a brief history of the conflict included.

    Dr Sparrow is over there in Sudan, working for the organisation, Human Rights Watch. Below is their website.

  • Human Rights Watch

  • And here
  • , again is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (From Amnesty International.)

    Remember, the War in Iraq is only one of many Wars, ALL of which should end, NOW.

    Wednesday, January 11, 2006

    Gettin' Busy

    And I don't mean like that.
    I mean the year is starting to pick up a bit of momentum.
    So today, I'm just gona quickly go over a few things in brief that constitute "whats going on".

    Well, union has of course begun. We ran our first Council Meeting for the year on Monday.
    I put my hand up to go an 2 committees......1) a committee to plan to encourage students to join the union voluntarily when VSU comes in. To come up with strategies basically to ensure the survival of student unions at least at Swinburne. And
    2) Student Rec facilities Committee to ensure students have half decent recreational facillities on campus rather than go off campus during breaks and go off 'up the road' somewhere.

    Tabula Rasa's first deadline for the yeaer is coming up real in this later this week. So, gotta get busy there. Then go straight onto issue number two for the yea, which will also include membership and contributor drives

    Classes start back soon of course. Feb 6 I believe, or the week of anyways. Bring on the Diploma year I say, then I can go onto my Media Degree.

    Just general union/rep stuff.

    And this morning, around 5:30am, a tree in my brother's front yard dropped a major branch. No damage, just a bit if work cleaning it all up. ANd by major branch, I mean branch the size of a small tree.

    So, yeah, been busy this week, and gettin' busy.......
    But not in that way.
    Which is a lot of a pity really.
    Oh well, woe is me.

    Sunday, January 08, 2006


    Randomness is good.
    It is a good thing.
    Good things come out of Randomness.

    Ahhhh, I have nothing.

    Actually, I'm going to go and find a quizz.

    So far so good,
  • HERE
  • is a whole bunch of quizzes......

    OK ok. After much ado, I found one. Here goes.....

    You Are 100% Weird

    You're more than quirky, you're downright strange.
    But you're also strangely compelling, like a cult leader.

    I hope you find this all as informative as I did. Cos I did.

    The randomness though, continues.....
    I just added, over ------------------------->>>>>>> There somewhere, in my sounds links, a link to.......

  • Fu Manchu
  • .

    Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    Climate change and Behaviour change

    The year just passed, 2005, was the hottest year on record.
    Temperatures in Australia were 1.09C above the hottest year here (1998, which was 0.89C above avg), and worldwide, the temperature was up by 0.48C.

    New Year's eve here in Melbourne was a tad over 43C (which is something like 130F) and that was only December, by far not our hottest month. All over Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia, firefighters were battling the high temps, super dry conditions and tens of bushfires, some of which are still going.
    But this isnt so unusual for this time of year. It is summer after all, and the south east of Australia, the three states and one territory I just mentioned, are amongst the most fireprone areas in the world. The regularity and intensity of bushfires here can be worse that devestating. Ash Wednesday in 1983 when over 70 people died in a single afternoon here, the Northe East fires that burnt through a million hectares of North Eastern Victoria in 2003, Black Friday in 1939....the list goes on.
    Local fire authorities are warning us to expect and prepare for a long hard summer this year, a year in which we may well have to fight for our own homes.

    However, over in the US, where it is winter, record fires are also burning as the result of record droughts. This follows a record cold snap and a record hurricane season.
    Over in the UK, record low temps are being felt. Snow and Ice have covered the continent.
    Major (dare I say record again) floods, and now mudslides have hit Sumatra in Indonesia.

    Now, remember what the 'experts' said when they first warned us of the impending disaster...this Global Warming phenomenon?
    Severe weather extremes with a gradual increase in temperatures, followed by rising sea levels as ancient glaciers and the polar ice caps and melted away. Deserts would expand as droughts eventually eroded the land away. Immense floods and fires the have never been seen before.
    Sound familiar?

    I personally don't see how people can even vaguely begin to deny the existence of these new global proccesses. Global Warming IS occurring.

    The Kyoto protocol, and it's targeted carbon emission reduction, is one part of the solution. Just a week or so from now, leaders from the USA, China, India, Japan and South Korea, all leaders in pollution creation, converge here in Aus, another leader in Pollution creation, for the inaugural meeting of the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate, to dicuss sharing 'clean energy' technologies.

    Kudos I say. I also sat that the USA and Australia should sign the Kyoto protocol. Lets attack this problem from every possible angle.

    More importantly, we, as the people of the world, hold the biggest responsibilty of any group. We all, as individuals should be doing something to sustain the life of the planet.
    How is up to you-------
    It doesn't have to be a giant protest action.
    It doesn't have to make the nightly news.
    It doesn't have to take all of your resources.

    It's as simple as catching a train instead of driving. "But the trains are crappy?" I hear you whinge. Well catch them anyway. Lets all chip in and produce a greater demand.... supply will have to increase, it's their own 'market forces' at play.
    Ride your bike then. "Oh but there's no safe way to do it". Again, use their market powers against them....they will see there is a way to make money out of it, bike lockers for example, and will improve services.

    Buy your products ONLY in recyclable containers.

    Refuse plastic bags.

    Keep your Cigarette Butt in a film canister till you come across an ash tray or bin.

    Keep the chip packet or bottle on you till the next bin.

    Plant a tree, or bush. If you have the time to commit, join your local community tree planting group, the ones that do revegetation plantings.

    Make sure ther is a Recycle bin around the office for discarded paper.

    I could go on,
    But won't for today.

    Monday, January 02, 2006


    Back to normal.
    Well, even if I'm not, the real world kind of is back to normal anyway, which means that we can get on with stuff again. Yay.
    Things like Union, Tabula Rasa and job hunting etc can carry on now. As a matter of fact, Tabula Rasa meets tomorrow for our first production meeting for the year. Our first deadline is the 14 of Jan (i think).
    As my term as Disability Rep on the Uni union has now officially begun, I can now make a start on getting work done on that too. Yay. I've began lobbying the Fed Government alredy to increase spending on Mental Health services. They are predicting a $14bn budget surplass this financial year, but rather than using the money to the benefit of all of us, the Fed Govt are talking up vote winning Tax cuts and using the money to the benifit of themselves.
    I've written to the Treasurers office, and they of course have passed the buck to the Health Minister's Office. So, I will write to them. I'll also write to the Opposition members who hold the Shadow portfolios, and to the respective State Ministers and Shadow Ministers. I'll try to get Mental Health organisations onboard, and where I can, and as much as I can, try to get some media attention on the issues of Mental Health and the funding crisis. I'll also be spending a fair bit of energy trying to de-stigmatize mental health issues, particularly Depression and Anxiety related disorders - OCD, Schizophrenia etc, and see what I can do with eating dosorders - some of the dibilitating but not obvious non physical disabilities, plus of course, looking after the needs of the physically disadvantaged.

    Of course with the Liberals VSU (Voluntary Student Unionism) legislation having gone through Parliament, and the new laws coming into effect for the second sememster, it is going to be a fairly difficult year - for both the Union & Union associated activities, and also for my beloved Tabula Rasa, the union magazine I write for and edit.

    So, as happy as I am that it's finally here, Oh-6 is going to be as hard as it is exciting.
    But thats ok really, cos there's still plenty of coffee in the world.

    I hope you had good nights for New Years. I did end up staying home and watching Cable - speaking of which.... I watched this awesome movie this morning called Willard. Anyone seen it? Its got Crispin Glover as a guy who becomes freinds with a rat. Fuckin awesome film...See it if you can. It probably sounds a bit kiddy and Stuart Little from that, but its not.

    I will go now.

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